Data scientist qualification and key skills required

Qualification needed for data scientist: A data scientist is the person who draws a connection from the business world to the data world. They use their data, statistical and hacking abilities to find the rich data science-They often produce the answers for risky business related questions. There are no qualification criteria for the data scientist, but they need Continue reading

Books for beginners on Big data and Hadoop- Recommended 2016-17

Looking for the best books on Bigdata and Hadoop? We recommended the best Hadoop and Bigdata books on this page. Some books which mainly focused on the beginners, whereas the remaining are focused on experienced developers in big data and map reduce developers to improve on their knowledge of Hadoop as well as in big data. List Continue reading

Support Vector Machines (SVMs) – Algorithm, Properties and codings

Introduction to Support vector machines (SVMs) In machine learning, most of the beginners stated to learning about the support vector regression. This is also known as support vector networks. There are lots of tools available in the machine learning algorithm, you have to use those tools at a right time. The SVMs algorithm has smaller datasets, Continue reading

Machine learning algorithms for classification with examples

Machine learning algorithm taxonomy: What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is the making the predictions based on the past observations. The labeled training dataset is the input to the machine learning algorithm and the outcome of it will be followed to the classification rule, it gives the predicted classification. Classification problems Examples: Text categorization (e.g., Continue reading

NoSQL interview questions and answers 2016 in pdf

NoSQL Interview questions and tutorial for easy learn: The rational databases have been dominated in the database management for more than a decade. But, In today’s world, the non-rational databases such as “Cloud” and “NoSQL” is becoming popular. There are a lot of advantages are available while comparing to others. For example, elastic scaling, Big data, Economics Continue reading

R Programming Interview questions and answers PDF

R Programming Interview questions and answers R is the easiest language for statistical analysis in data science. Also, R programming having the Rstudio IDE. One can easily code through this IDE, it includes the console window, Syntax highlighter, plotting, debugging and much more features. The R-studio also contains some example programs of the R programming Continue reading

Python Interview Questions Answers for experienced

Python Interview Questions Answers for experienced / Freshers Python interview questions will be challenging for your analytical, statistical and programming skills. The python programming language is getting more useful in a number of fields in a last few years. Also, you need to be good at the algorithmic skills, because there will be lots of Continue reading

List of data science online courses for free 2016 & 2017

Data science online course for beginners and experienced: There are lots of data science tutorial are available for the beginners to advanced level. Also, we have to learn about Python and R programming tutorials for using the statistical calculations. We are recommended to study the following courses which are available free of cost. For references: List of companies Continue reading