Books for beginners on Big data and Hadoop- Recommended 2016-17

Looking for the best books on Bigdata and Hadoop? We recommended the best Hadoop and Bigdata books on this page. Some books which mainly focused on the beginners, whereas the remaining are focused on experienced developers in big data and map reduce developers to improve on their knowledge of Hadoop as well as in big data.

List of Best books for Big Data in 2016-17:

  1. “Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think” the author is Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier. This book covers about the great survey on the enormous growth in the business, health centers, government and on everything in the world. This book also gives more information on the data which was collected on the earthquakes. In addition, it provides the real time examples and powerful algorithms.
  2. “Big Data (ebook)” written by  Nathan Marz, Samuel E. Ritchie. This explains broadly about the architecture and the clustering hardware along with the tools to analyze the web-scale data. It also deploys the practical examples with codings. This book is available in PDF free of cost.
  3. “Big Data for Dummies” by  Judith Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Halper and Marcia Kaufman. This book was designed based on the big data solution for the companies or businesses. It explains big data in detail and also elaborates how to select and implement a big dataset for customer transactions, security measures, data storage and much more. This book is easy to understand.
  4. “Uncharted: Big Data and an Emerging Science of Human History” by  Erez Aiden, Jean-Baptiste Michel. This covers the topics on the advanced level of big data analysis and ultimately, it describes how Big Data is changing the world of the sciences, government, business, and our culture.

  5. “The Human Face of Big Data” by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt. You will learn more about the big data and it also describes the real life of a human and his/her transformation on the big data. It changes the perspective of view and understand aspects of our existence. This book is especially for the “Big Data beginners”.

Hadoop and big data

List of Best books for Hadoop in 2015:

  1. “Hadoop: The Definitive Guide” is written by Tom White, Doug Cutting. This book explains the concept on the HDFS and Mapreduce algorithms. It is easy to understand for beginners and explained with relevant examples.
  2. “Hadoop for Dummies” written by Dirk Deroos, Paul C. Zikopoulos, Roman B. Melnyk, Bruce Brown, Rafael Coss. It explains elaborately the Hadoop commands, cluster based problems and much more. In addition, It explains the origin of Hadoop applications for data mining, large scale text marketing and much more operations in Hadoop.
  3. “Professional Hadoop Solutions” is written by  Boris Lublinsky, Kevin T. Smith and Alexey Yakubovich. This book is written by a team of Hadoop experts, from the basic concept of example program (hello world) to the higher level of the Hadoop concepts. The ultimate guide for developers in Hadoop, designers, and the architects those who need to build and execute the Hadoop applications.

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