How to detect the fake data scientist during interview

There are so many people who migrate their stream to data scientist. Actually, they don’t know anything about it. Because, this is a high paying job. Many calling themselves as a data analyst or data scientist, although they are lacking in skill set. The business analyst must know everything regarding to programming, statistics, business acumen and hacking skills. A data scientist must be good in creativity, storyteller and visual communication. But, there are lots of fake scientist all over the world, maybe even in your company. How to find out the fake business analyst?

Questions to find out the fake data analyst/scientist: (Technical Questions)

  1. What are precision and recall? Explain it?
  2. Write a mapper and a reducer function for counting the word frequencies?
  3. What are the algorithms that are used in large sets of data?
  4. What is Principal components analysis (PCA)? When you would use PCA? Also Explain its pros and cons?
  5. Define Central Limit Theorem (CLT) in statistics?
  6. Explain the resampling methods in detail?
  7. Comparison between the SVM and random forest?
  8. Explain the svms classifier algorithm steps?

The above questions are enough to find out the genuine data scientist. If the candidate who answers at least 70%, the n, he/she has greater knowledge.

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