NoSQL interview questions and answers 2016 in pdf

NoSQL Interview questions and tutorial for easy learn:

The rational databases have been dominated in the database management for more than a decade. But, In today’s world, the non-rational databases such as “Cloud” and “NoSQL” is becoming popular. There are a lot of advantages are available while comparing to others. For example, elastic scaling, Big data, Economics and much more. On current trends, “NoSQL” databases are being used in large areas so interviewer asking lots of questions on this topic to check the knowledge of the candidate. Because, the company need the person who are good at NoSQL skills. Follow the sample questions which commonly ask in the interview.

For references:

Important data science interview questions and answers in PDF

We provide the infographic about the NoSQL databases for your references below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

NoSQL infographics

Frequently asking question [FAQ] on NoSQL for fresher:

  1. List out the advantages in detail?
  2. Comparison between NoSQL vs SQL vs Hadoop?
  3. How you can choose and design the noSQL database?
  4. How Cassandra writes? Explain its (Cassandra) model?
  5. What are the key differences in Replication and Sharding?

Important questions on NoSQL for Experienced:

  1. Explain about flume?
  2. What are the operations supported in flume?
  3. Explain about aggregated- oriented databases?
  4. How you will create and building the database?
  5. What are the pros and cons?
  6. Have you heard about “polygot persistence”? If yes, then Explain?

For more questions, Click on link below:

Important NoSQL questions for freshers and experienced in PDF (Free download)

Go through the interview questions, We include the nosql basis tutorial in video. You can get the complete information, queries, and history of NoSQL.

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