List of top companies hiring data scientist in 2016 – Jobs & internship

Companies hiring data scientists in 2016 – Full time job & internship There are lots of undergraduates are eager to do an internship in the data scientist post in a top companies. But unfortunately, they won’t provide “Data science interns” rather they will provide an offer in “Software Engineer interns”. If the student is enthusiastic in Continue reading

Data science interview questions and answers [Important FAQ]

Data science interview questions and answers pdf download There are a huge number of young graduates who are working as a data analyst. Most of CMMI level 5 companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, linkedin, Facebook, etc are offering an internship for the MS graduates to be a data scientist and even Phd doctorates. Here, Continue reading

50 Data Science Applications area and Uses – Big Data Analysis

Data Science Applications area and real world Uses Data science is being the hottest/sexist course in 2015 and in 2016, it is expected to be very high compared to other online courses. Why data science is important and everyone interested in taking data science course to become Data Scientist. We know data analysis never loose its scope like Continue reading