Data scientist qualification and key skills required

Qualification needed for data scientist: A data scientist is the person who draws a connection from the business world to the data world. They use their data, statistical and hacking abilities to find the rich data science-They often produce the answers for risky business related questions. There are no qualification criteria for the data scientist, but they need Continue reading

R Programming Interview questions and answers PDF

R Programming Interview questions and answers R is the easiest language for statistical analysis in data science. Also, R programming having the Rstudio IDE. One can easily code through this IDE, it includes the console window, Syntax highlighter, plotting, debugging and much more features. The R-studio also contains some example programs of the R programming Continue reading

List of data science online courses for free 2016 & 2017

Data science online course for beginners and experienced: There are lots of data science tutorial are available for the beginners to advanced level. Also, we have to learn about Python and R programming tutorials for using the statistical calculations. We are recommended to study the following courses which are available free of cost. For references: List of companies Continue reading

Data science interview questions and answers [Important FAQ]

Data science interview questions and answers pdf download There are a huge number of young graduates who are working as a data analyst. Most of CMMI level 5 companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, linkedin, Facebook, etc are offering an internship for the MS graduates to be a data scientist and even Phd doctorates. Here, Continue reading